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1 free copy of the Limited Edition Ethereal Artbook up for grabs!

What do you have to do to win? It’s very easy.

Just reblog this post! 

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More info on this artbook can be found here:

Contest ends 7th March, winner will be picked using a random number generator, and winner will be contacted via the ask box!

No podía seguir con los diseños sin hacer esto antes.

Gracias mamá! Son hermosos! Voy a ser una diseñadora graduada feliz!

i'm afraid it's very serious: Super Obvious Secrets That I Wish They'd Teach In Art School 


I get a lot of emails from illustration students and young cartoonists. Sometimes they ask to interview me for a class assignment, sometimes they’re recent graduates looking for advice on how to transition from art student to professional illustrator/cartoonist. I get emails asking about how I…

Nuevo broche Miss Mina <3

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I’m here with a new giveaway. Since Halloween is very close, I did a box themed “This is Halloween”. I got this idea while watching Tim Burton’s The nightmare before Christmas, I really like the song “This is Halloween” sung by Marilyn Manson ^^. I hope you will enjoy this giveaway like my previous ones ;)

What’s box giveaway?

It’s box full of things, you can find here for example sketchbook made by me, ACEO, art matherials, jewelry, brooches, little statue or little plushie… simple anything! But it’s secret, what is inside… I will show what was inside of this box after I choose winner ^^

Why I do this???
(a lot of people ask me about this)

I really appreciate every watcher I have and mostly those who support me with comments, faves, points, commissions and so… So I wanted to something for them. So I invented giveaway of little boxes full of different things like sketchbooks, plushies, little statues, handmade jewelry, little prints or ACEOs, art matherials I don’t use and so ^^


- be my watcher or become my watcher
- fav this deviation…
- write a short journal entry about this giveaway to invite other deviants to join
- leave a comment under this journal with a link to your jounal where you write about my giveaway


- be my be my follower or become my follower
- reblog this post
- like this post

Why to do this???
Beacuse what more people will join, that more giveaways I will do! If there is low interest about my giveaways, then I won’t do next one… If there will be higher interest, I will donate more prizes and make giveaways more often ^^


Randomly. I will write your names on the list with numbers according the time you fulfil my conditions (rules). I will use to get random number and announce winner ^__~


31st October 2013 at 9:09 PM European time (it’s 21:09).

Good luck everyone! ;)

Por acá van las hadas <3

El bati-pen!

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